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Litho or Digital?

Lithographic printing

Has been the main method of printing since it was first developed in the 1860’s. It uses liquid oil or rubber based ink with water, to transfer an image to paper by light pressure which allows the ink to penetrate the surface of the paper. Litho printing is unsurpassed for high-quality, finely detailed print and is an excellent cost effective method for printing in high volumes - once the machine is running, the more you have the cheaper it becomes!

For quantities of print

above 250:

Digital printing

Digital printing offers a quick solution for low volume printing. Digital machines use toner and heat to fuse an image onto paper and others use a semi liquid ink and heat, the image / text then sits on top of the paper. Print quality is not quite the same as litho and the cost per sheet can be higher on larger quantities. The digital method is fantastic if only a small quantity of colour booklets are required or perhaps a small run of greetings cards. Colour can still remains an issue with digital but often is perfectly acceptable for many people and its end use. However if corporate colours are important, then litho printing still can’t be beaten!

For smaller quantities

of print or ‘one offs’

What’s is Litho?
What is Digital?

The basic principle of Offset Litho Printing

Have A Look At Prices Here
Have A Look At Prices Here

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